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The Beautiful Island of Sardinia - The majestic island of Sardinia is located off the west coast of Italy just below the island of Corsica.

I Love Living in Mexico - I love living in Mexico.

Visit Tempe Arizona - City of Tempe.


Corporate Travel - Corporate travel is an integral part of a business expansion strategy.

Where is the Serengeti - Many articles about East Africa can be misleading as they tend to mix the geography of Tanzania and Kenya.

Bahamas - The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands and cays located in the Atlantic Ocean between Florida and Hispaniola.

Diving in and around Zanzibar - Zanzibar archipelago comes to us from a history of powerful trading links with Arabia and Persia; Zanzibar Island provided the gateway for slavers, gold, ivory, wood, spices, glass, and textiles.

The Islands of Philippines Beckon You to Explore the Richness of Nature and Their Culture - Philippines History:.

Mind Your Manners When Traveling Abroad Part They Must be Americans - It was a hot day, so when the couple finished a morning stint at the beach, they opted for a little shopping ? in their swim wear.

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