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Where is the Serengeti

Many articles about East Africa can be misleading as they tend to mix the geography of Tanzania and Kenya. The Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro are claimed by some to be in Kenya when in fact they are in Tanzania.Kilimanjaro is in the North of Tanzania and sits on the border of Kenya but this great mountain is wholly in Tanzania. The most popular routes starting in the villages of Marangu or Machame; Kilimanjaro sits in a national park and this park is controlled by the Tanzanian Government; this necessitates being in Tanzania to begin the climb.The Serengeti is also in Tanzania and is most famous for the Great Migration of the wildebeest. These vast park stretchers across the north of Tanzania to the Kenya border and crosses the border; the Serengeti then changes its name and becomes the Masia Mara.

The Great Migration crosses into Kenya for a short time each year but this depends on the rains which have become unpredictable of late. It is a safer bet to plan your safari to be in Tanzania and book through a reputable operator.The Ngorongoro Crater is also in Northern Tanzania but nowhere near Kenya.

This great wonder definitely cannot be claimed to be a part of a Kenyan safari.When planning a safari, personally I would recommend Tanzania as it is everything you imagine Kenya to be; I have always found Kenya to be mildly disappointing. The Tanzanian Government looks after its National Parks.

Some of these parks are remote and boast one loge per 1 million acres. They tend to be remote and flying in and out of them is the best option. These parks and lodges are great you really feel you are in Africa proper. The down side it the lodges are luxury and because of this and the remoteness they tend to be expensive.

Also internal flights in Africa tend to be on the expensive side.There are parks in remote area with have no roads and hiking through these mountains covered with tropical rainforest is an adventure, in a safe environment is unparalleled anywhere else in Africa.Tanzania is special and although a neighbour to Kenya, it has the right to be recognised in it own right and superior in many ways to any other safari destination.

.Further information can be seen at http://www.betheladventure.

co.uk or at http://www.tanzania-info.


By: Ian Williamson

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