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Save Money On Car Rentals

Before you begin your next vacation or business trip, make sure you do some research to save yourself time and money on a car or van rental. The main factors you may want to consider when renting a car include price, vehicle type and rental terms.People want value for their money, and renting a vehicle is no different. Did you know that on average, independent car rental prices are lower by 10-25%? This includes ALL companies, and not just the nationals. There are bigger travel websites that do not display independent companies, so be careful where you shop online. It also pays to go to a rental car company website.

The rates are usually cheaper than any other website that their inventory may be displayed on. Why is this? For one, the company does not have to pay a commission like they do with the bigger travel websites. Did you also know that by renting a car further away from the airport that you will save money? People always pay more for convenience, so if you are willing to take a free shuttle or cab to the location, you will save money!.Besides the price, think about what you will be doing with the rental vehicle. Is it for a family vacation? Or will you be taking quick trips to attend business meetings? Most often the economy, compact or intermediate cars will suffice, but sometimes you will require a bigger or roomier vehicle, such as a minivan.

Do not forget to consider your luggage when thinking of what size vehicle you may want. It also pays to think about what options you may or may not want. Why pay more money for options you will not be using?.Finally, make sure you are aware of the rental terms, because every company can be different.

What are the age requirements? If you are a renter under 25 or over 75 years old, you may incur an additional cost. What are the hours of operation? What are the arrival instructions if you are flying in? The counter may be in the airport, or you may have to take a free shuttle to the location. Do they offer the flexibility of after-hours returns, or one-way rentals? What is the cancellation policy? Make sure you find answers to any questions you have on the actual car rental company website before you make a reservation.The above will save you time, and help to create a hassle free rental car experience.

.Shelly Pfen wants you to save on your next car or van rental in the Los Angeles area by visiting the Discovery Rent A Car website at http://www.discoveryrentacar.com.

By: Shelly Pfen

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