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Nunavut Canadas Diamond

The province known as Nunavut has supported a continuous population for more then 4000 years. The province was founded by Martin Frobisher back in 1576 while leading an expedition to find the Northwest Passage. In 1976, talks for a land claim agreement and the new territory between the Inuit Tapirisat of Canada and the federal government began.

Then in April 1, 1999 Nunavut Act were passed by the Canadian Parliament.The population of Nunavut as of 2004 is 29,300, the economy is based on, mining, diamonds, gold, zinc, lead, copper, and nickel. There are a lot of companies investing there money to look for diamonds as we speak.Here are some quick facts.-Iqaluit is the largest city
-The Population 29,300
-13th province Admittance into Confederation on April 1, 1999
-13thTime zone.

There are many neat things to do and see, you can tour some of the old mines that have been shut down, fishing in the summer is awesome, hunting if you are the hunting type, touring the cities and villages. It is pretty amazing to see the people up there, the way they live, how they hunt and how they keep there traditions alive in there children. I think that it is worth while place to visit because you will learn so much that you thought never existed. So you will want to visit here in the summer so you can see nature at its best unless you like cold weather.

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By: Ashton Billesberger

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