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ArrangeYourVacation Vacation Rental Company for Holiday HomesWorldwide Announces Launch of New

ArrangeYourVacation, one of the most exclusive holiday homes and villa rentals company, has just released its 3 latest innovative and specialised online websites: Mexico-Holiday-Homes, Italy-Vacation-Homes and Greece-Holiday-Homes. Travelers seeking vacation information about the destinations of Mexico, Greece or Italy, can find extensive information at this 3 vacation rentals web sites. Characteristic of all ArrangeYourVacation-web sites, those three are easy to use, with comprehensive information about private villas and activities at each destination. There are extensive high quality photographs and a vacation rentals navigation tool. "Vacation rentals and holiday homes are a great alternative for those who wish to have more privacy and space to maneuver, something that hotels don't really have.

Staying in a hotel involves tipping porters and valets; there is the added expense of dining out daily. Plus, if staying at a hotel for several days, it can be a bit tedious to stare at the same four walls and share a room with family members without a modicum of privacy. Just like there are hotels everywhere, there are vacation rentals and holiday homes all over the world ready to be booked.

" said President and Founder of ArrangeYourVacation Milan Matchev. "From the initial dream of a vacation in a luxury villa, through the entire trip, every step should be stress free and enjoyable." Luxury vacation in holiday home have never been easier to plan. ArrangeYourVacation has over 100 hand-picked villas and a staff in each country, where it provides vacation rentals, that assures the finest in service. "Our client satisfaction rate is extremely high due to our personal contact with each traveler. Our websites are an extension of our knowledgeable staff and offers our valued clients complete details for those seeking a luxury villa in Mexico, Italy or Greece," added Matchev.

The new vacation rentals websites can be viewed at http://Mexico-Holiday-Homes.com, http://Italy-Vacation-Homes.com and http://Greece-Holiday-Homes.

com. An e-newsletter sign-up is available on the sites which keeps past guests and potential customers informed about the latest villa news, last minute specials, events in those countries and real estate information. The owners of vacation rental properties in Mexico, Italy or Greece can advertise their homes on this new web sites for free.

As a special bonus, there holiday home listings will be added to the database of ArrangeYourVacation ( http://arrangeyourvacation.com) also for free, to assure maximum exposures of each property listing. .

By: Milan Matchev

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